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Rhia at Luminato with Maybelline

Day 1 at the Maybelline Tent for Luminato 2012

Luminato 2012 is entering its closing weekend. Come by the Maybelline tent (just by the main stage) for a complimentary touch-up and a free Maybelline product today from 1pm-11pm. Let’s play with pretty colours like in this post here!

Photo courtesy of @jesills on Twitter (thanks for the photo and for stopping by!)

UPDATED June 16: One of the many highlights of my time with Maybelline at Luminato – my Mom and my Sis passing thru the tent for our Maybelline Makeup Moment!  The Maybelline hub had an interactive photobooth, where similar to MasterCard Fashion Week, you could get a touch-up, free products and a photo keepsake of your look to instantly post to Twitter/Facebook!  Here’s my beautiful Mom and my beautiful Sis!

Toronto Make-up Artist Rhia Amio with Luminato x Maybelline

Another a-ha moment from this weekend as I would not be anywhere without the love and support of my family!

True story: my very first lipstick was one my Mom bought for me when I was 10 years old – it was Maybelline’s Wild Berries, a fuchsia shade from what I can remember that’s now discontinued.  Yes, my affinity for make-up and Maybelline goes waaaay back.   I love how Maybelline is a brand that’s accessible – it makes beauty easy and fun…across generations!

Look forward to the next beauty-filled event!  Hope to see you there too! :)


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