Wedding time! Off to see bridal beauty Joy this morning! Here’s a sneak peek at the look we’ll be doing as we get Joy ready for her Big Day. Key to this look?? Brows! Can you spot the difference between the before and after?Bridal Beauty Joy (
Bridal Beauty Joy (

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  • June 27, 2012

    Sophie Mortimer

    I’m only a recent convert to eyebrow shaping. In general, I’m really happy with the shape of mine, but a friend “gifted” my a facial with her, including eyebrow waxing. Since I didn’t want to change anything, I just asked for them to be cleaned up. It made all of the difference! I just looked . . . nicer. I can’t pinpoint it. I’m definitely getting it done again for my senior portraits, and every other photo op I can plan for!

  • amazing! Yes, good brows is the kind of make-up I like…the kind that you can’t see but makes all the world of difference!

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