ARTIST TIP | DIY Matte Lips for Spring

How to Get Matte Bright Lips.  Make-up Artist Tips and Article by Rhia Amio, Makeup Artist Toronto

How to Get Matte Bright Lips by Make-up Artist Rhia Amio. Runway photos from

The latest lip look of the season may not require a full- spring cleaning out of your make-up kit after all. Before you dismiss all those bright lipsticks from last season, a little bit of powder (yes, on the lips!) can bring your look up to date! Here’s how to get the look:

Missioni SS2013 (pic courtesy of Prep lips.
Any lip-focused make-up look first requires smooth lips. Use a lip scrub to buff away any dry bits of skin.  fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish does just the trick – use a small amount, let it set on the lips and wipe away with a damp cloth.  The result:  soft and sweet smelling lips.
2.  Enter lipstick.
Apply one layer of your favourite bright lipstick, and blot with a single-ply tissue to really press and stain the colour into lips. Apply another layer of the lipstick so that it’s fully vivid.

ARTIST TIP:  Lipliner you ask?  I would avoid filling in the entire lip with lipliner, since the final step of adding powder has a drying effect and feel to the lips.  But I am really particular with bright lips – they need to be precise – especially since they’re the focal point of this entire look.   So, after the second layer of lipstick, I would either use a small size lip brush or lightly outline the lips with an exact matching lipliner to really define and refine the shape of the application.

3.  Set with powder.
Use a fluff brush to add a dusting of translucent and voila!  Matte lips without the price tag of having to buy a new lipstick! :)

ARTIST TIP:  To really make your colour pop, use a pigment in an electric shade atop your lipstick.  Lucia Pieroni, Key Make-up artist for this gorgeous Missoni SS2013 look, first applied a mix of rainbow-coloured MAC Lipmix‘s and then a dusting of MAC Red Electric Pigment to give the look its opaque, neon intensity.  Now that’s pop-art lips! :)

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