UPDATES | Fashion Week Beauty Survival Guide with @MaybellineCAN

Rhia Amio Toronto Make-up Artist at Toronto Fashion Week for MaybellineFashion Week starts today and I’m so pumped to be working with the Maybelline team again bringing beauty touch-ups to the fashion masses!  Here are my fave Maybelline beauty picks for surviving the week’s jam-packed schedule.

1.  Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil
Good brows are like that amazing pair of shoes that go with everything…in other words, a must-have!  Luckily, the days of over-tweezed, pencil-thin brows are long behind us.  But if you’re like me and your over-worked brows do need a little bit of TLC – don’t worry – getting good brows is super easy with this user-friendly brow pencil!  The tiny nib of Define-A-Brow allows you to easily draw on fine strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs, while never distributing too much product. Bonus:  no sharpener needed, Define-A-Brow is self-sharpening so just roll it up for more.

2.  Eyestudio Master Precise Liner
Fine lines are easy to achieve with this amazing Master Precise Liner – the 0.04 mm tip is the ultimate in liquid liner precision.  I’m a liquid liner girl all the way mainly because of its uber-lasting ability – I literally don’t have to worry about it all day until I have to take it off at night!  Any make-up product that means one less thing to touch up throughout the day always wins points in my beauty book!

3.  VolumExpress  Rocket Mascara
With VolumExpress Rocket Mascara, only a couple of coats are needed for a serious blast-off towards volume.  Even the tiniest of lash hairs get maximum volume treatment with the rubber micro bristles of the brush.  Love, love. Coat, coat.

4.  Instant Age Rewind Concealer
The two C’s:  Concealer along with coffee is a definite daily morning routine during Fashion Week.  Fortunately with Instant Age Rewind Concealer, no one will know how much sleep you (and I) might be lacking.  For my unruly dark circles (…which is a combo of genetics, probably too much caffeine and a schedule that lacks in sleep), I like to first apply Brightener (60) for a highlighting effect that counteracts the underlying blue tones of my circles.  I top that off with Medium (30), a shade lighter than my skin tone, to blend it all in….and nobody’s the wiser!

5.  Baby Lips
Not only is Baby Lips a moisturizing lip balm, it can act as a highlighter and a brow-keeper – talk about multi-tasking! Grace Lee, make-up master and Key Make-up Artist for Maybelline, has been known to mix clear Baby Lips (Quenched) with a bit of white eyeshadow to create a dewy highlighting effect that looks glowy on the runway. Clear baby lips also works to keep unruly brows in check (for you lucky ones that have full brows!!).

6.  Color Whisper
As much as I love bright lips, matte lips, dark lips…and as much as those are all the trend right now – these all scream high-maintenance to me. I much rather prefer comfortable colour on my larger lips…and that way I don’t have to worry about it smearing or getting on to my teeth, etc. Enter Color Whisper – a gel-based lip colour that’s super-soft and moisturizing on the lips. The colour is more sheer, but interacts beautifully with your own lip tone. I love it’s kissable-like texture – not too goopy, just perfect not-too-made-up lips. With twenty shades to choose from, there’s definitely bound to be one colour that catches your eye…or if you’re like me, there’s in fact three that have caught mine:  Mocha Muse, Pin Up Peach and Lust for Blush. ;)

There’s definitely many, many more Maybelline loves that I can mention here, but really I’d run out of room (and out of your attention) before I got through all of them…AND I should probably get some sleep in anticipation of this week.  Here’s a thought:  why not come experience the products in person with a touch-up?!  I’ll be there with…with coffee + concealer in tow!

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