PRODUCT REVIEW | NARS Narsissist Eye Palette

nars_artistrhiOk now this palette is trouble.

Trouble as in you don’t-want-to-stop-playing-with-it trouble.

Be warned:  the new NARSissist palette will release your inner narcissist, encouraging mild to serious fits of eyeshadow applying and subsequent mirror admiration.  Expect your future social feeds to be filled with NARSissist selfies.  Yep, aptly named indeed.  In this one sitting alone, I tried three different eye looks – pretty much obsessed like a kid with a new box of crayons, wanting to try all the colours at once…and really only stopping for lack of natural daylight and oh, probably having to eat a meal.

look1_artistrhi look2_artistrhi look3_artistrhi

Speaking of eating, it’ll be a few weeks of eating cereal for dinner to balance my books after this purchase.  Ok I embellish, but at $79USD (not sure of exact CAD pricing), I’ll likely be that person either staying in or ordering the cheapest thing on the menu…so as to rationalize adding this to my existing collection of neutral eyeshadows (it’s for my clients, I swear!).  Still with that price, it’s a remarkable value for a brand like NARS and 15(!) of their eyeshadows.  Considering a single NARS eyeshadow retails for $24USD/$28CAD, that’s an amazing ‘deal’ for the price of about 3 of their shadows…and who ever really hits the bottom of the pan when buying a full-sized shadow anyway?!

The majority of the colours in the palette can be found within NARS permanent collection and true to NARS form, they give great colour pay-off. If you’re lucky enough to own plenty of NARS shadows already, this might not necessarily be on your needs list…but as we all know needs and wants are different things.  

Yes of course I’m trying to be on your side and give you even more reasons to buy it, so I’ll also tell you that I love its compact form, making it easy to travel with all these pretty colours at my disposal.  A lady needs options right(?!) and with the NARSissist palette, I’m sure this is the only eyeshadow palette I’ll need when travelling.  That’s pretty big for heavy-handed ol’ me.

I speak from experience too, as I’m admittedly neutral palette obsessed.  I have Urban Decay’s Naked 1, Naked 2, Smashbox’s Full Exposure, a Bobbi Brown holiday palette along with a bunch of MAC and MUFE neutrals…but again, I swear it’s all mainly for my kit/clients!  (…at least that’s how I try to reason any new purchases).  Along with the Bobbi Brown palette and some individual MUFE shadows, the NARSissist palette ranks right up there on my personal ‘favourites’ and ‘most-likely-to-wear’ list.

If you’re in the market for a new neutral (newtral…I had to!) palette, then definitely give this one a swatch when it comes out February 1st.  Don’t sit too long on it either because being that 1) it’s NARS, 2) it’s so pretty and 3) it’s limited edition, the NARSissist eyeshadow palette is bound to go.  Quick.

So consider yourselves warned!  Buy it before it goes and if you’re lucky to get your hands on it, be prepared for your inner NARSissist (and the urge to take plenty of selfies) emerge…  

The verdict is in…from personal use to a make-up artist perspective, this NARSissist palette gets maaaajor love.  ♥

NARSissist guilty as charged…



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