I recently worked with beautiful bride-to-be, Nga, to come up with the perfect make-up and hair look for her upcoming wedding this September. We tried a couple of different options, changing up the lip colour and taking the hair half up.  With her pretty features, Nga could really pull off anything!  …so it was more a matter of finding what was in her comfort zone that made her look and feel like her best-self.  She wears minimal make-up on a daily basis, but ended up liking both lip looks with the more natural pinky tone and the statement red lip!  Meowwww.

For now, the game plan is to go with the natural pink lippie for most of the day in her white dress, as she feels/looks most like ‘herself’ in it … and then to rock the red lip (to go with her traditional red dress) for her cultural traditions / tea ceremony that morning.

Who says you have to have just one look on your wedding day, right?!  Gotta love options…especially when they all make my brides shine:
quad_artistrhi_bridal beauty
The final result/decision!
before and after bridal beauty artistrhi toronto makeup hair rhia amio
…and from the back!
hair bridal beauty artistrhi toronto makeup hair rhia amio
Can’t wait for more beauty with this beauty. [Thanks for making it so easy, Nga!] :)

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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