BEAUTY SHOT | Glowing Bridal Make-up with Vivian

I’m sooo looking forward to this wedding with gorgeous Vivian and her beau Daniel for obvious reasons – I mean aesthetically yes, but look how much fun they are!!!

Here are some of the images from their engagement shoot by the incredible Claudia Hung:


Awesome couple *check!* AND I also get to work with a friend, the incredibly talented photographer and awesome person all-around, Claudia Hung. It’s gearing up to be a good Big Day indeed!

Way back when, Claudia was one of the first people to really help me get established in the industry so that I could do what I love in make-up.  You only need to scan the archives of this blog to see how much of my work has been touched by Claudia’s magic!  The engagement shoots and weddings I did with her always lead to incredible images that pretty much comprised half my wedding make-up portfolio in the beginning, and those incredible images are what helped introduce the then-newbie artistrhi to potential clients.  I’m so thankful and lucky to have met Claudia along this journey – she’s a class act and gives in so many ways.  She’s an inspiration as an artist, a photographer, a SuperMom of two cute twin boys and a humanitarian using her talent and network to support charitable initiatives like charity:water.  Yep, just an awesome person all-around.

Oh!  One other very valuable thing that I also learned from Claudia was how to take better pictures.  I am nowhere near Claudia’s level on a bad day when it comes to photography, but her tips have definitely benefitted my before-and-after photos of clients.  True, our bride-to-be Vivian doesn’t really need help in any department (I mean it’s impossible to make her look bad!), but here’s how her before and after turned out as we prepped for the eshoot with Claud:




Can’t wait to show you more with these amazing peeps!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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