WEDDING | Mars + Trevor by Taylor Jackson Photography #marsandtrevsayido

I have sooo much love for this girl right here for so many reasons!!

Mars and I go way back to the university days when we were both working a part-time job at a bubble tea shop (which next to my current role of doing make-up/hair full-time remains one of my favourite jobs ever!).  During that time, I was also working a part-time job at a make-up counter as I first ventured onto this awesome make-up journey.  Mars was among the first very trusting few that let me give her a ‘make-over’ as I wanted to start building a ‘portfolio’ of what I [thought I] could do.  Back then, that was trust because really the only way [I thought] I knew how to apply make-up was the way I would apply it on myself. So we’re talking everyone had bronzed cat eyes and bronzed skin, no matter their background, their age (sorry and thanks Mom!).

Thankfully with more experience behind me, my style and repertoire have evolved and I’ve come to realize what’s usually best is a make-up look that I’ve collaborated on with my client.  That best-fit look flatters an individual’s unique features but also makes them feel their best.  As you can see, Mars really doesn’t need much with her gorgeous features and dreamy creamy skin [you look the same, Mars!] ….so while the 10-or-so-year-ago me would be all about covering and cat-eyeing it up, the current-me loves the look of a timeless and natural best-you approach that highlights Mars’ natural beauty.  Thanks for your trust then, and on your Big Day, Mars! ♥♥♥

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Mariesette + Trevor at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario
Photography:  Taylor Jackson (
Make-up + Hair:  Rhia Amio (

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