KIT ESSENTIAL | Q-Tips: The Cheap and Chic Make-up Tool

You don’t have to dish out an arm and a leg for some of the best beauty tools out there: Q-tips that you can pick up from your local dollar store can have mutiple uses for your daily make-up application. These Q-tips are actually ideal for make-up application, as they have minimal cotton (which means the fuzzy bits cotton won’t end up on your face–where they shouldn’t be!). The lack of cotton also allows for more product transfer as it reduces the amount of product that is absorbed by the Q-tip. Plus, you can get a box of 400 for a $1.14!

The q-tips are perfect for:
  • applying concealer
  • straightening and refining lines after you’ve drawn on your eyeliner (see picture at right)
  • perfecting line shapes after you’ve drawn on your brows
  • cleaning up any runaway mascara on the face (Just be careful and wait until the mascara has dried! Use a tiny bit of make-up remover and swipe the q-tip away from the face on the problem area)
  • blending lipliner
  • keeping make-up sanitary (avoid double-dipping!)
  • travelling (if you don’t want to lug around brushes)
No sense in spending $5 on a box of 100 ‘cosmetic’ q-tips at your local drugstore…try these dollar store Q-tips out, and for $1 (+ tax) a shot, you can’t go wrong!

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