PRODUCT REVIEW | Kiss Me Mascara

Where to find: Sephora
Price: approx $30
Review: love it!

Kiss Me Mascara used to be a product only available in certain salons. My cousin first introduced me to it about 7 years ago. Kiss Me has gone on to become an instant hit with major women’s magazines and a bestseller in the mascara department at Sephora. The formula is perfect for those looking to maximize their lack of eyelashes (all my asian sisters are saying ‘amen’ right now). Kiss Me uses fancy high-tech ‘microtubule’ technology that seriously coats the lashes in a waterproof formula. When you wash it off with warm water (no make-up remover needed!), it doesn’t smudge like other mascaras; the mascara comes off literally in tiny tubes that almost make you think you’ve wiped your eyelashes away! Impressive.

The only downside to this product is that it’s usually in the $30 range. Your lashes may thank you for the glam treatment, but for a product like mascara that needs replacement every 3 months, you’ll have to justify to yourself if it’s worth the splurge. I won’t stop you ;)

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