ARTIST TIP | Primer is Your Friend

For more make-up staying power, especially when it comes to wearing your foundation, try using a make-up primer post morning routine of cleansing and moisturizing your face and pre make-up application.

Why use a primer?

Primer works to smooth out the surface of the skin, by filling in little pores and ridges, helping to give the skin a more uniform surface. Primers are mainly comprised of silicones, so it sits atop the skin, as a smoothing layer between the skin and foundation. The better primers also act as ‘mattifiers’ and help to absorb oil (and thus reduce make-up transfer) throughout the day. Primers are an added step and the better ones are pricey, but you only need to use a pea-sized amount in the areas that are more shine-prone. It will help to promote the daily longevity of your foundation and concealer without the need for touch-ups throughout the day, so you’ll be using less and saving in that way!

How to use:
1. Squeeze a pea-sized drop onto finger and distribute evenly on face.
2. Give it a minute to dry.
3. Proceed with foundation application.

Who it works best for:
Foundation wearers and oil-prone skin types

Recommended products:
Inglot Under Make-Up Base ($27)
Smashbox Primer ($37+)

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