ARTIST TIP | Summer Proof Your Make-up

The test for a heavy hander’s true love of make-up occurs during the warmer summer months. Here are some tips to keep looking make-up great when it gets hot outside:

1. USE LESS. Go lighter on the application.
i.e. FACE
Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of the usual liquid foundation. Keep in mind that tinted moisturizer provides minimal coverage so if you do desire something heavier, still go for the routine that you feel best in. You can always use a make-up primer to help keep your make-up in place. If you want coverage, but still don’t want anything too heavy, try the next option.
• Apply moisturizer (for summer, try something lightweight, oil-free that has an SPF to protect against the sun).
• After moisturizer has absorbed into the skin (wait 5 minutes), start with a make-up primer. (Not a necessary step, but I always like to use it to help make-up last longer).
• Use concealer to mask any blemishes, lighten dark areas and balance out skin tone. Blend well.
• Set the look with a dusting of translucent powder.
Throughout the day, use blotting tissues to absorb oiliness, rather than re-applying powder all the time. Or if you do prefer a smoother look, you could always blot with the tissues and then refresh with a dusting of (loose or pressed) translucent powder.
2. FAKE A GLOW (without spending an excessive amount of time in the sun, which we all know has its damaging effects).
• Get bronzed! Use a powder brush to sculpt the face and concentrate (and blend!) bronzer along areas where the sun hits – atop the cheekbones, along the sides of the forehead, and under the chin.
• Use a peach pink blush to compliment your tanned summer skin. This colour is universally flattering and instantly brings life to the face. Try NARS Orgasm.
• Add some shimmer. Use a shimmer powder, or shimmer cream and highlight just above the cheekbone (I love Revlon’s Skinlights for achieving this). The effect is a dewy, tanned and healthy look to the skin.
3. WATERPROOF Your Make-up
i.e. EYES
Look for waterproof products to last against the heat (and sweat) of summer.
• liquid eyeliner – will last throughout the day, but I still wouldn’t recommend swimming with it.
• waterproof mascara – use it and you won’t suddenly discover that you’ve been walking around with raccoon eyes after a day out in the heat.
• eyelash curler – this beauty product is a staple from season to season!
• eyeshadow – The summer months mean skin is more prone to being oily. To help creaseproof your eyeshadow, prep the eyelid area with make-up primer and a dusting of powder. This helps the eyeshadow to resist gravitating towards the crease of the eye.
4. MOISTURIZE/PROTECT lips and skin (against sunburn and harmful UV rays).
i.e. LIPS
• Gloss it up. (If you want more of a colour kick, outline the lips with a lipliner and blend. Apply gloss over top.)
i.e. SKIN
• Use an SPF of at least 15. Formulas have improved considerably and are less greasy than in the past. Distribute evenly to any exposed areas of the skin.

MY ROUTINE: During summer, I usually use a combination of tinted moisturizer, concealer and translucent powder for face. For cheeks, I like bronzer plus two shades of blush (a deeper pink to contour, and a lighter pink for the apples of the cheeks)….and we can’t forget Skinlights for its shimmer factor! For eyes, the whole nine yards: liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow, mascara, curler, pencil eyeliner. For lips, liner plus gloss or liner plus Inglot Lip Duos. Clearly, it takes more than the heat of summer for me to sacrifice any part of my make-up routine, but that’s what make-up is all about, have fun with it during any season!

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