GET THE LOOK | Metal-eyes

What better to accentuate tanned summer skin tones than some metal eyeshadows that are all the rage this season?

To get the look:
1. Use a neutral cream eyeshadow as a base to help give eyeshadow more staying power, especially in the heat of summer. Spread from lash line to eyebrow using your finger. Try MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre or MAC Paint in Bare Canvas.

2. Take a medium tone neutral eyeshadow and apply all over eyelid using a flat sponge tip applicator.

3. Take a dark tone eyeshadow and use a crease brush to concentrate the colour where the eye folds. Then, using a blender brush, blend and get rid of any harsh lines. The look should be soft and diffused.

4. Use a flat sponge tip applicator with a metallic pigment (loose powder shadow) to get an intense metal look.

5. Use a highlighting tone of eyeshadow in a matte finish (off-white on fair skin tones, cream colour on medium tones and peach for darker skin tones.) Based on personal preference, you can opt to also use a shimmery finish for the highlighting eyeshadow. I like to keep the shimmer in one area (i.e. just on the eye lid), just so the eye doesn’t look so ‘busy’ and detract away from the main focus around the eyes.

6. Apply eyeliner to add emphasis to the eyes and lash line.

7. Pump up the volume with an eyelash curler and two coats of a black thickening mascara.

8. Keep the cheeks and lips soft with peachy-pink tones so the attention is kept on the eyes.

Metallic shades that work best:
Fair Skin Tones – pale gold, silvers
Medium Skin Tones – gold, copper, bronze
Dark Skin Tones – silver, gold, deep bronze

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