PRODUCT REVIEW | Affordable Make-up Cases at

Where to find:
Price: $150 and up (depending on size)
Review: love it

If anyone is in the market for make-up cases, try Yazmo for some unbeatable prices:

A couple of months back, I did some damage and bought a full-size rolling make-up case at $250 CDN and a set bag with removable trays for about $150 CDN. For the full-size rolling case, the comparable price range at a Canadian retailer was $400 to $600 CDN (see Industry Cosmetics to compare).

You need to only walk into your local Sephora or check out to see how inflated/ridiculous some Canadian pricing is, especially when our dollar has been doing relatively better than past years!

Aside from the reasonable prices, what I love about the cases from Yazmo is that they both contain removable trays that are standard size. I can easily transfer trays back and forth between the large case and the set bag without the constant need to reorganize everything! The trays also come with dividers that allow you to resize its compartments (see picture at right).

If anyone has any other deals and/or steals, please do share!

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