BEAUTY 101 | The Basics of Concealer

If you find that you tend to wipe away your concealer when applying foundation, try these tips:

1. Use a stipple motion when applying concealer and foundation. Use this light patting motion to build up coverage instead of using a wiping motion that tends to wipe away all that you have already applied. Blend, blend, blend.

2. You can apply concealer before or after foundation – just stick to using this stipple method to prevent undoing what you’ve already put on. Some prefer to put on concealer first and then blend the colour of the concealer when applying their foundation. Others prefer to put on foundation first, as they won’t have to use as much concealer when applying it after.
Note: If the concealer you use is lighter than your skin tone (i.e. to camouflage dark circles under the eye), then I would recommend applying it before foundation.

3. Use your ring finger (as it has the least amount of intensity and pressure) to blend the delicate area under the eye. The warmth of your finger will help to blend the cream make-up of the undereye area in with the rest of the skin.

4. Set the look with some powder, which seals the look and provides extra staying power. Use a dense brush to lightly dust loose powder all over your face or lightly pat it on with a make-up sponge.

Remember around the eyes especially, you want to use just the right amount of concealer. Otherwise, it will appear ‘cakey’ (and fakey!) and draw the wrong kind of attention to your eyes!

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