ARTIST TIP | Mastering the Smoky Eye Without the Mess

Ever get fed up with an attempt at doing a smoky eye look due to straying bits of dark eyeshadow? Most black eyeshadows, even from higher end lines, tend to flake and get on areas around the eye where we didn’t intend for them to be. For instance, the undereye area, which if it’s anything like mine, has it’s own natural darkness that definitely doesn’t need any further shadow enhancement! But rest assured, there are some artist tricks around this. Try a couple of these tips that I stick to in my applications to get a professional smoky look minus the raccoon eye!

1. After applying concealer and foundation, lightly pat some loose translucent eyeshadow on the undereye area to catch any fly-away bits of eyeshadow. You don’t need to blend this layer of powder (see the pic above), as it’s meant to act as a barrier between the eyeshadow and your skin. The layer can be easily wiped away once you are done applying any dark shadows, and voila! Crisis averted.
Remember: Once you apply powder, your concealer and foundation are set. If you still plan on applying concealer or foundation after the dark eye shadow application, skip this tip.

2. Wet the applicator slightly before you dip it in your dark coloured eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow adheres to it better.

3. Once you have dipped your brush/applicator in the dark coloured eyeshadow, tap away the excess to prevent it from landing where you don’t want it to.

4. Try cream eyeshadows. You have to be a lot quicker working with these than powder eyeshadows, but among the benefits of cream eyeshadows is that they last throughout the day and will also stay where you apply it!

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