Price: $20
Where to buy: MAC stores, The Bay
Review: (absolutely) love it

I always speak of my love for cream eyeshadows and a lot of you have been asking what exactly it is that I use and how I actually use it. Enter MAC Paint Pots, a follow-up to MAC Paints, but way more user friendly and easy to work with. With the previous Paints, although the colour was highly pigmented, you had to work with them really quickly or risk the Paint drying unevenly on the suface of the eyelid. The Paint Pot has a similar cream-like texture, but does not dry out as quickly once removed from the container. It glides on smooth, dries to a powdery finish and (my favourite part) helps to keep your eyeshadow creaseproof throughout the day.

I usually choose a neutral coloured Paint Pot and apply it as the initial layer on the eyelids. I then top with powder eyeshadows, blend those and proceed with eyeliner, etc. The great thing about choosing a ‘base colour’ Paint Pot is that you can layer it under any other eyeshadow colour and it will help the true colour of the eyeshadow come through (versus applying the eyeshadow to bare skin).

I use Paint Pots daily on myself and in all the client applications I do, and I never have to touch up my eyeshadow throughout the day. So yes, it is an extra step in the morning, but it will spare you the hassle of having to troubleshoot creasing eye make-up throughout the day.

Soft Ochre (for yellow to olive based skin tones)
Bare Study (for lighter skin tones)

p.s. This product is an absolute kit essential!
p.p.s. Note to the make-up gods at MAC: Please give us advance warning if ever you decide to discontinue this one!!

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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