Q & A | Cleaning Make-up Brushes

Q: How often do I need to clean my make-up brushes?

A: It always pays to be hygienic with those make-up brushes you spent last week’s pay cheque on because:

1. they’ll last longer if you take care of them (I’ve had some of mine since high school)
2. the bacteria and dirt that can build up is typically not visible to the human eye (unless, you’ve totally forsaken your brush cleaning and neglected your brushes in some moist, dark corner – if that’s the case, then it’s time to chuck those and learn some better brush maintenance habits!)

How often to clean them:
If you’re using the brushes just on yourself, you don’t have to clean them as often as when you’re using them on different people. I’m certain we’ve all been guilty of not washing our personal make-up brushes in a timely manner. But under ideal circumstances, you should wash your brushes that you use with powder products every 2nd day that you use it. Your face will thank you for it, as the brush once cleaned will revert to its smooth feel. For synthetic brushes that you use with cream make-up products, these should be cleaned thoroughly everyday, as they are more prone to bacteria and dirt build-up, as the product used on them is wet.

How to clean the brushes:
You can purchase a brush cleaner or brush cleansing wipes out there from most of the major make-up counters, but I like to use a tip I picked up from from make-up artist Laura Mercier and wash my brushes with dishwashing detergent. I let the brushes air-dry over a sink and then once the brushes are dry, I then spray the brush with 99% alcohol to ward off bacteria and they’re good to go for another day!
NOTE: If dishwashing detergent doesn’t appeal to your make-up brushing senses, you can also try using hair shampoos – just choose a shampoo product made of more ‘natural’ ingredients to keep your brushes in their best shape yet!

Products to try:
Sephora Make-up Brush Cleaning Wipes
Japonesque Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipes
Clinique Make-up Brush Cleaner

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