Q & A | Will orange lipstick look good on me?

In keeping with the theme of Hallowe’en…
Q: Will orange lipstick look good on me?

A: Generally, a true orange colour is not a flattering lip shade – on anyone. Orange can make the teeth look more yellow, make the skin look more sallow and make you look older. It all depends on the look you’re going for. As much as I abide by the mantra “make-up should be fun”, I would never want make-up to draw attention to someone in a negative kind of way…which is why I cannot fully stand behind the idea of orange lips!

I will admit that true orange can work for some women who are either fair, olive or caramel skin toned (see pics at right from Temperley London Summer 2008 Collection), but keep in mind you also need the attitude to rock the pout properly. I still think it best that true orange lips are reserved for the runway or a night out. For the real-way and everyday, I would try a burnt orange colour (that has a hint of brown to it) or a softer peach or coral tone. These shades are still within the orange family, but you can wear them without looking sour!

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