Q & A | Lasting Liner Tips

Q & A | Tips for Lasting Eyeliner

hi Rhia,

really love picking up tips from your blog. since you posted about liner recently, i’d like to ask you about tips to prevent pencil liner from smudging. i’ve tried almost every single waterproof pencil liner in the market (MUFE, Urban Decay, etc) and i have no luck so far. i only apply on my upper lash line and the liner always transfers to my lower lid whenever i wink. (long sigh here)… i tried setting my liner with eye shadow to keep it in place… it stayed longer, but after like an hour or two, it still transfers (as long as i wink hard). should i give up on pencil liners? i’ve tried liquid liners and no smearing so far… but sometimes i prefer the soft look of pencil liners (and not putting my pencil liners to waste) so i’m still trying them to see if there’s still hope. i have asian eyes with double lids by the way. :)

more power and heart you! :)



Tell me about it! I too think I have tried nearly every recommended waterproof pencil on the market…only to find that most don’t stand the test of my watery eyes meets oily eyelids.  (Double whammy).  In truth, what works and is ‘waterproof‘ for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it’s universally so for the rest of us!!  (We all have that friend who swears by her pencil liner, right?!)  Nonetheless, I’ll probably continue to search for a pencil liner that lasts (the search has been 15+ years so far…).  In my daily routine, I use liquid and I love how it lasts all day…but you’re right that the look is a lot more harsh…and as the years pass, it will be time to move towards a softer look (but I’ll worry about small details like that later!)

A great alternative to liquid liner is a gel liner.  A gel liner gives a look that is more bold than a pencil look and not as harsh looking as liquid.  I find if you apply gel liner light-handedly, you can achieve a similar finish to using a pencil. I like to either dust some translucent powder or apply a make-up sealer like Benefit’s She-lac atop the drawn line to help it last from day into night .

Particularly for Asian eyes with double lids (like mine!), I find that gel or liquid liners always produce the better longer lasting result. So yes…in other words, I would say it’s time to ditch the pencil!

Along with gel liner, try these alternatives and other useful products for lines that last:

1.  MAC Chromaline:  MAC Chromaline is a cream liner that glides on smoothly for a smudgeproof finish.  Alternatively, I’ve used MAC’s Gel Liner in the past, but find that Chromaline consistently lasts longer.  Apply it with a slanted synthetic brush for the best results.  MAC Chromaline is available at MAC Pro stores.

2.  MAC Paint:  I always start my eye make-up off with a base.  MAC Paints are cream eyeshadows that dry quickly to a matte finish.  Even if I’m just wearing eyeliner and not necessarily eyeshadow, I’ll apply MAC Paint as a first step to help combat inevitably oily eyelids later in the day.  To apply it, squeeze a tiny amount out of the tube and use the warmth of your fingers to blend it onto the eyelid.  Both eyeliner and eyeshadow will last longer and any creasing will be minimized.

3.  Benefit She-Lac:  Now, this product is magic!!  I re-inforce the cream liner I draw under the eyes, but applying this make-up sealer product atop of it.  It’s also multi-purpose, you can layer it atop your make-up for your brows, your eyeshadow and your lips…guaranteed longer lasting lines!  My brides love this product especially for their 16 hr+ days!

4.  L’oreal Lineur Intense:  A classic.  I’ve been applying liquid liner since before I really knew how to use it (ahem high school), but that practice helped me to develop a steady hand.  Liquid liner can be intimidating, as it can easily get messy.  If you rest your hand atop your cheekbone, it will help to stabilize a shaky hand and you can apply liquid liner with ease.  Liquid liner application gets better with practice and the pay-off is great:  my liquid liner takes me from 6AM (when I start my day) to 12AM (a bedtime on a good night!).

So hope that helps to answer your question…let me know if you find anything that works before I do!  Thanks for the question, Wanda!  ;)

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