Q & A | Part III: What’s in My Make-up Kit? (Lips)

Q: Rhia, what’s in your make-up kit? (…continued)
A: Now that we’ve dealt with the many products in my personal make-up kit for face and eyes, it’s time to talk about what I use for the lips. This segment will likely be the shortest of the three, as I tend to focus my make-up efforts on the areas that need more attention – my skin and on my eyes.

Part III | What’s in My Make-up Kit: Lips
Here are my daily essentials for the lips in the order that I apply them:


Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
I love this stuff – it’s like crack for the lips. Or better yet – crack for lips that are cracked. I usually put this on right at the beginning of the my make-up routine to prep my lips for application later. You’ll also catch me applying it throughout the day to keep my lips moisturized. I prefer the original non-scented version (why mess with a good thing?), but the product also comes in scented versions of Pear, Cranberry and Mint (which I believe are limited edition).


Inglot Precision Lipliner #63
I made sure to stock up on this wonderful lipliner before Inglot closed, and now I’ll have to go to Montreal to get it! The formula is creamy and doesn’t pull at your lips when you’re applying it. I usually line the lips just inside my natural lip line (no need to exaggerate these full puppies!). Then I take my lip brush and blend it inward towards the middle of the lips so it adds colour and acts as a base for the lipstick or lip gloss I apply atop of it.


MAC Lip Brush
I use a retractable lipbrush from MAC that’s been in my kit for a few years now. The lip brush is great for helping to build colour on the lips in a controlled manner. Make sure the brush gets cleaned frequently even if it is a brush you use strictly on yourself. The retractable brush can be more prone to contamination as usually it is still wet with product when it gets stored back into its container. Remember that the container is dark on the inside and with the wet brush, you have ideal conditions for bacterial growth if your brush is not taken care of properly. Make sure you wash/spray your brush appropriately and let it dry after each use to avoid any contamination.

various from MAC and Inglot

Ok, so I’ve lost track of the lipsticks I use on myself. I usually take my lipsticks, chop them up and put them in a palette – that way I have the freedom of mixing and making my own colours right at the palm of my hand. I also can carry all my favourite shades with me wherever I go with the palette! My choice of lip colour usually leans more towards the lighter pink and/or peach side just so I can keep the look balanced with the rest of the face. As I usually focus more efforts on my eye make-up, a lighter lip adds balance and helps the make-up not look dated. Some of my lipstick faves are MAC Faux and MAC Brave while some of my lipgloss faves are Inglot Paints in #20 and #14.

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What do you use? Feel free to comment and tell me what make-up products work (or don’t work) for you!

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