Q & A | Part IV: Auto-Pilot

Q: Rhia, what’s in your make-up kit?
A: So now that I’ve disclosed ALL of the make-up products I use to get myself normal-looking under ideal conditions (i.e. when I have at least 40 minutes to get ready – yes, that long), here are the products for those mornings when I’m strapped for time and have to set my make-up routine on auto-pilot. I would love to have a 5 minute face, but I’m afraid this mug needs way more make-up lovin’ than that! Here are the Big Ten products I use to help my face wake up with make-up:

Part IV | What’s in My Make-up Kit: Auto-Pilot


1. MAC Tinted Moisturizer NC35
Moisturizes and adds colour in one

2. MAC Studio Fix C4
Adds more coverage and leaves a powdery finish

3. MAC Select Cover-up in Peach
Self-explanatory. During the work week, I average 5-6 hours sleep on a good night, and the peach concealer is a much-needed and much-loved step in the morning to play down the dark circles that characterize the past night’s lack of rest. I add MAC Studio Fix in C4 above to blend this lighter layer in with the rest of my skin.

4. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Deep Dark
I use this powder with a big powder brush as a bronzer to help add colour and contour to my face.

5. Nars Orgasm Blush
Adding some blush is an instant way to make you look awake! I usually take my blushbrush and start blending from the ear in towards the nose, along where the cheekbone is. This deposits the most amount of colour closer to the hollows of the cheeks and helps add much-needed definition to my face!


6. MAC Paint
Still can’t live without my MAC Paint! I would rather take a little extra time in the morning to do steps that keep my make-up long-lasting so I don’t have to worry about it anytime throughout the day. I usually grab Paint in either Bare Canvas or Sublime Nature.

7. L’oreal Lineur Intense
Another day to day staple. Liquid liner can be a bit tricky initially, but once you master it, you’re hooked. It’s worth every bit the practice as it lasts all day! It’s going to be tough to wean me off this product even later in life once my eyelids start drooping. My skin will be sagging, but I’ll probably still be trying pull the eyelids up with my cateye sweep plus massive amounts of eyeshadow.

8. Inglot Eyeshadows

9. Eyelash Curler and Mascara


10. Inglot Lipliner in #63

Total Make-up Time = 25 mins!

Ok, ok so I cheated up there, grouped multiple products and didn’t factor in brushes, moisturizer, lip balm etc. But you get the point – I love my make-up!

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What do you use? Feel free to comment and tell me what make-up products work (or don’t work) for you!

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