Q&A | Brush or Sponge – What’s More Hygienic for Foundation Application?

The other night I was in my local Shoppers to get my make-up fix and “restock” my kit during the usual bonus points sale. I overheard the usual salesperson fodder, as the fresh-faced sales associate tried to upsell her customer on “the best” foundation and a foundation brush to accompany it. The customer was initially asking for wedge sponges, but as the store was sold out, the sales associate recommended brushes as they had “less bacteria”. Now to disspell this myth based on the hygiene argument, let’s remember that it depends on how you take care of your tools that will determine how hygienic they truly are. A foundation brush, if not cleaned with a brush shampoo and then sprayed with 99.9% alcohol will be just as prone to bacteria build-up and transfer as a sponge that is not cleaned appropriately. The brush should be cleaned after each use to prevent bacteria growth. I love foundation brushes for the application they provide, but if you’re more of a make-up minimalist, the foundation brush and the cleansing of it will likely seem like extraneous steps. A sponge, when used and taken care of properly, can be just as hygienic as a brush. Either replace your foundation sponge after several uses or wash out your foundation sponge regularly to give it more longevity. Keep these tips in mind, as regular and proper maintenance of your make-up tools will make sure you get the most bang for your buck! (and who doesn’t love that?)

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