KIT ESSENTIAL | MAC 311 Lipliner Brush

I’ve been talking a lot of lip lately, as I love the look of razor sharp edges when it comes to doing up the lips. The MAC 311 Lipliner Brush is the perfect tool for achieving this. The brush has a small span that allows for precise lip application. [Remember the smaller the tool, the more control you have over where product goes (but the longer it takes, of course!).] I love using this brush on photoshoots when I sometimes skip using lipliner for a softer lip look. The brush also works well with cream make-ups; I use it with my Make-up Forever Flash Colours and it draws on with pencil-point precision. The 311 brush can very well be used as an eyeliner brush – just be sure to clean and disinfect it thoroughly between uses! Multiple uses with one tool makes this brush a definite make-up artist fave.

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