The days are definitely getting chilly out there! We’re all pretty good about maintaining a moisturizing routine, but don’t forget to protect the lips before heading out into the winter cold. To keep your lips supple during the freezing temperatures, make sure you pack a lip balm and spread some on the lips before heading out the door! Here are a couple of tried and tested lip balms that will help you battle any wind chill factor:

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
Where to find it: Kiehl’s stores
Price: approx. $10
I have Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 in my client kit and another one for personal use in my purse! I love how it leaves a subtle shine while keeping the lips soft. I apply some on the lips in the morning and at night when I apply moisturizer. You’ll also find me applying it throughout the day (balm addict, much?!) The packaging is great – you pump out a little at a time as you need, rather than dipping your finger in the product which can promote bacteria growth. I prefer the original non-scented version (why mess with a good thing?), but the product also comes in fun scented versions of Pear, Cranberry and Mint (which I believe are limited edition).

MAC Tendertone Lip Balm
Where to find it: MAC stores & counters, online at
Price: $17.50
Yes, the price is a bit up there for a lip balm, but I’ve been using Tendertone for several months now and it still doesn’t look like I’ve put a major dent in it! I’m a chronic lip gloss applier too; you’ll find me putting some on every couple of hours. The balm leaves a nice hint of colour (well, considering it’s a balm and not a gloss!) while leaving your lips supple. The packaging is in a sturdy container with a screw-off cap (yes, it’s withstood the test of me dropping it a couple of times – not on purpose!), but just make sure your hands are clean before dipping in for some product. Tendertone could be found earlier this year at MAC, but is currently in limited availability. If you’re lucky enough to scoop one of these up, you won’t be disappointed!

More Tips
Adding some balm to the lips keeps the lips soft and smooth for lipstick (and lip gloss) application. Remember to avoid licking your lips – it only provides fleeting relief and actually ends up zapping the lips of moisture. Whatever your lip balm of choice, wearing just a little something (even some Vaseline) is better than facing the cold weather with bare and exposed lips!

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