ARTIST TIP | New Year. New Look.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year than with a new look! You can go dramatic and drastically change hair and make-up, or be more subtle with a slight trim and an update to your beauty routine. Here are some tips to be your best you in 2009 (the text is re-printed below each photo for ease of reading or click on the photo for the full-size view):HAIR: Always have some idea of what look you’re after when going into get your haircut. Look through magazines for desired looks. There are plenty of options out there, but be realistic about hair colour, hair texture and skin tone when scanning for looks you might be interested in. Keep in mind how much change you’ll be comfortable with – a new look works best when the person wearing it wears it with confidence!

MAKE-UP: For make-up, flip through magazines for a look you like. Don’t be afraid to bring in a pic of your desired make-up look, and have your make-up artist/beauty consultant help you find those colours. At many make-up counters, you can schedule a free make-over when you purchase a minimum amount of product (usually $45). Bring a hand mirror with you to view how each stage of the application process happens during your make-up appointment. Use it as an opportunity to learn some new techniques and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have.

HAIR: I’d leave the actual haircutting to the hands of the pros, but why not try styling hair a bit differently? Add some loose curls. Part it on the side, rather than in the middle. If you always wear it up, wear it down one day and vice versa. It’s a small, subtle change that gets noticed – all without having to cut a strand!

MAKE-UP: Experiment and have fun with make-up! If you’re a natural beauty, try intensifying your look by adding some deeper eyeshadow and lipstick colours to the mix. If you always wear a darker eye look, do the inverse – go bold on the lips and use a light hand on the eyes. You can try as many looks as you like to narrow in on what you feel best in, and the beauty of it is that it all washes off! Put those make-up gift sets and gift cards you received for Christmas to good use and treat yourself to a new look!

You always get better results when you can predict outcomes. If you allow a hairstylist or make-up artist creative freedom, then be prepared for a style that they see on you (which may be something that you absolutely love or something that you totally hate!). Have your examples of desired looks in tow to help communicate what you want to your stylist.

Location: Fiorio Salon (Yonge/St. Clair)

Model: Katie B
MUA/Text/Layout: Rhia Amio
Hair Stylist: Fabio Persico
Styling Assistant: Keith Sam
Styling/Photography/PP: Nadia Cheema

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