Q & A | Smudging Eyeliner on Asian Lids

Q: I have creaseless Asian eyes and I’ve practically given up on eyeliner, because it never seems to stay in place! Any tips for us crease-less gals?

A: Great question! I know part of the frustration is that after accomplishing the feat of applying the eyeliner perfectly, you blink and an imprint of the eyeliner appears on the eyelid! And for whatever reason, now the eyeliner seems tougher to remove without ruining the eyeshadow you just carefully applied as well.

To apply eyeliner on gorgeous Asian lids, it’s best to use a 2-step approach:

1. Minimize oily lids by first applying a cream concealer or a smudgeproof cream eyeshadow.

Apply a layer of skin-tone matching concealer all over your eyelid (from lashline to eyebrow). Blend well so that you don’t see any visible streaks of the product. Set the concealer with a dusting of loose powder to help it last longer and smooth out the eyelid.


Apply the cream eyeshadow in a neutral base colour all over eyelid in the same manner. Blend well. Try MAC Paints or Paint Pots.

Using one of the above products will help act as an absorbing agent for oily lids, reduce the chance of unwanted eyeliner transfer!

2. Use either a waterproof pencil liner, gel liner or liquid liner. “Waterproof” and “smudgeproof” are keywords when looking for your liner of choice here.

When applying, keep the line very tight to the lashline. If you take the eyeliner too far up, it’s more prone to imprinting where you don’t want it to. Instead of drawing a thick line, use a black cream eyeshadow (make sure it’s smudgeproof) to add height to the line. The eyeshadow will blend out smoothly and will be less messy looking when you blink and look down.

ARTIST TIP: If you’re using pencil to line the eyes, set the look by tracing over it with black eyeshadow. I love liquid liner for its incontestable staying power. If you want something that doesn’t budge, use liquid. The line is more ‘harsh-looking’, but if you keep the line tight to the lashes, you don’t have to worry about looking vampy!

Hope this helps!

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