PRODUCT REVIEW | L’oreal’s Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

I was contacted a few weeks back by the marketing masters at Matchstick to review the newly released L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. Beauty Tubes Mascara is a 2-in-1 primer plus mascara formula that aims to take your lashes to new heights! You’ve probably seen some commercials (featuring the gorgeous Linda Evangelista) for the new mascara. I’ve been noticing it more in local drugstores recently since its release date in December 2008 (throughout Canadian stores).

Here’s how to use Beauty Tubes:

BEFORE: Sparse eyelashes

Step 1: After curling the eyelashes, use the nourishing micro-fibre primer on the one end of the tube to build up and extend the lashes. (You can see the lengthening magic working already!)
ARTIST TIP: I find using one base coat best so as not to weigh down the lashes.

Step 2: Use the mascara end of the tube to apply two coats of black mascara. Make sure the white primer coat is completely concealed.

The Result: Instant lash extensions!
ARTIST TIP: Have a lash fan handy to keep lashes separated.

The mascara does as it promises, giving great length to the lashes without smudging and flaking. My own lashes are pretty sparse, so the product unfortunately doesn’t provide what I look for in a mascara (i.e. volume!!). On a positive note, what I did love about Beauty Tubes is how super easy it was to remove – despite not budging all day! With some warm water, the mascara simply slid off and still in tube form!

The mascara reminds me of a long-time favourite Kiss Me Mascara, but at half the pricepoint. I have to admit that Kiss Me gives my lashes better volume though, so I’d likely skip the Beauty Tubes and save my money towards that. Overall, I would recommend L’oreal’s Beauty Tubes more for (those lucky) women with already full lashes that long for lengthening power in their mascara.

L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes retails for approximately $15 CAD and are currently available in local drug and grocery stores.

Are you loving L’oreal’s latest mascara? Let Matchstick and L’oreal know what you think!

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