PRODUCT REVIEW | Rimmel’s Eyebrow Pencil Revisited – Basic Black

While recently perusing my local Wal-mart*, I happily came across one of my favourite eyebrow pencils in a never-before-seen colour! I discovered Rimmel London’s Professional Eyebrow Pencil available in Black #004. Previous to this find, Rimmel’s eyebrow pencils in Hazel and Dark Brown have been long-time staples in my kit (with Dark Brown being my personal daily go-to eyebrow pencil).

Rimmel London‘s Eyebrow Pencils are a steal at a pricepoint of only $6.99 CDN! I have yet to see the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black available at Shoppers Drug Mart (my other frequent drugstore make-up hang-out).

Whether it be from the lower drugstore end of the spectrum or a higher end department store choice, check out these tips for choosing an eyebrow pencil :

1. Choose a colour that is closest to your hair colour.
For blondes, choose a taupe. Redheads, go for an auburn to hazel. Brunette beauties can try out a hazel to dark brown. For ladies with black hair, opt for a pencil between the dark brown to black range.

2. Choose a pencil that has a waxy (rather than creamy) texture.
A waxy texture will last longer against the skin, and will prevent you from drawing on that “tattoed” eyebrow look.

3. Test the pencil out on your hand – it shouldn’t allow you to draw the lines too dark!
Remember the key to natural looking brows is to use “light, feathery strokes”. An eyebrow pencil that doesn’t glide on too creamy is key!

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*where no matter how far they “roll back the prices”, I always end up spending way too much! Let’s just say I’m doing my share to help our disparaging economy – ummm, right!

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