NOTE | Beauty Deals

I’m a frequent Shoppers Drug Mart visitor (and avid Optimum Points collector) so it’s easy to keep on top of when my favourite items go on sale. Today, I picked up (two of) my latest fave mascara – Maybelline Lash Stiletto on sale for $9 (well, before taxes).

A great shopping resource for drugstore make-up products where you can buy without having to leave the house is There are plenty of great deals on some of my kit essentials. For instance, Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencils retail for $5.99 while L’oreal Lineur Intense goes for $9.99 – and these are the site’s “regular” prices. (Yes, I watch for them to go on sale!) also offers free delivery with no minimum amount required to buy. Yes, all the more reason to shop!

If you’re interested in trying out L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes, go to and in the top right-hand side, enter the code below to save $5!
Coupon courtesy of Matchstick and L’oreal

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