CREATIVE | Issha Marie’s Behind the Scenes

Aside from pushing one’s artistic boundaries, one of the best things about doing creatives is meeting great friends that share the same interests as you. I’ve worked with this super team (Nadia, Fabio, and Cisya) before and simply put – it’s always just so much fun when they’re around! Even through long hours, everyone puts forth their effort to achieve the ultimate goal of producing a gorgeous image (while still managing to have fun on set!). My work benefits greatly from all the efforts and talents of this super team (in other words – thanks guys!)

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos courtesy of Issha Marie, one of Nadia‘s assistants on the shoot and a talent behind the lens herself! See Issha’s full write-up (and more behind the scenes pics) on the shoot here…just a sneak preview until the finished images are ready! Can’t wait!

Here’s my make-up area. Issha managed to make me look neat! (Other people beg to differ).


You’re going to have to pardon the behind the scenes photos of me. For future note-to-self, I have to be more cognizant of the faces I make when I think other people aren’t watching. Those poor models – who put up with my face in their face all day long!


Models: Ada (pictured above), Kamal, Lyuba
Photographer: Nadia Cheema
Photography Assistants: Collin Barrett and Issha Marie
Hair Stylist: Fabio Persico
Wardrobe Stylist: Cisya Paramita
Make-up Artist: Rhia Amio

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