Ever the fan of finding more efficient ways to haul around my make-up kit, last November at the CMS in Toronto, I made it a priority to scope out what other professional make-up artists use to tote around their make-up loot. One case that particularly caught my attention had the words “Zuca Pro” on it; I made a mental note to do some research on the brand.

From what I saw online, the ZUCA Pro bag (pictured below) wasn’t designed specifically as a make-up artist train case, but it totally fit the bill of what I was looking for. Some features of the bag:

  • plenty of room (case dimensions 19 3/8″ x 15 1/2″ x 13 1/8″)
  • easily mobile on wheels, with another set of wheels to aid in lugging it up stairs
  • slim enough to fit in overhead compartments and through the aisles of most commercial aircraft
  • contains stackable and removable fabric trays where you can organize make-up to your heart’s content
  • sturdy frame that doubles as a chair. ZUCA Pro supports up to 300 lbs in weight so “you always have a seat”. (What will they think of next?!)

Yes, the ZUCA Pro bag definitely had a lot of pros (versus cons) going for it, but being a Canadian resident, I had to factor in the dollar exchange and duty taxes into the overall pricing. I know…not fun.


Now, MAC has released their own ZUCA traincase that has all the features of a ZUCA Pro with MAC branding on the exterior. The case is a make-up artist’s dream and comes complete with make-up artist friendly plush trays that have plastic see-through tops (differs from the original ZUCA Pro). The visibility allows for easy organizing and easy access of make-up items.

I just received the ZUCA for MAC case on Friday. I ordered it on Wednesday, and two business days later, I had it my possession (and without having to fork over extra dollars for duty tax!)

Pre-ZUCA, I’ve been going back and forth, packing and unpacking between the different cases I have, depending on the size of the job. I have this exciting feeling that this bag is going to simplify my life, and spare me the time packing and upacking. I’ll have to revisit this product review after a couple of times taking this case on the job.

For now, it’s pretty much love at first sight…

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