ARTIST TIP | Rosewater + Glycerin

I spoke of the refreshing properties of rosewater the other day with MAC’s Fix+Rose, but you don’t necessarily have to go to a major cosmetics counter to get the effect. This Artist Tip came courtesy of my awesome airbrushing teacher, Paulina, who herself is an experienced Professional Make-up Artist and savvy make-up consumer. Rosewater and Glycerin is one of those underestimated homemade concoctions you would probably look past in your grandmother’s make-up cabinet, but the all-natural formula is a treat for your skin! Spritz the product a couple of times on the face before applying lotion for a soothing mist that helps to revitalize and moisturize the skin. You can also spray it on the face after you apply make-up to help the make-up settle into the skin (works best when used after applying glycerin-based make-up products). You can find rosewater and glycerin at your local health food store, at a steal at under $10 per bottle! Grab a bottle – your skin will thank you.

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