NOTE | site update


….and AFTER!


Mini-update to!! We’re continuously looking for ways to improve the site and here’s what has been tweaked with the latest update:

1. Added slideshow and eliminated wordy text
I wanted something more dynamic and eye-catching rather than the previous non-changing entry page. I had some pics to show off courtesy of the talented people I’ve been fortunate to work with: Christine Buijs, Nadia Cheema and Claudia Hung.

2. Recently added galleries will be displayed here
Instead of the randomized photos that were previously displayed in “Portfolio Preview” (on the right-hand sidebar), this area will display the most recently added galleries/photos.

3. Streamlined and reorganized the sidebar.
Moved things around a bit and kept the necessities. Remember, calendar is frequently updated!

I’m excited about these changes, but am now thinking towards the next update! Let me know what you think and you never know what tweaks you might see in future updates! ;)

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