GET THE LOOK | Subtle Smoky Eye

To get the gorgeous bride-to-be Christine’s subtle smoky eye, try these easy steps:
1. Apply your medium shade as the base atop the eyelid. Keep this colour just below the hollow of the eye.

2. Deposit the darkest colour eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyelid and blend well towards the inner corner and towards the hollow of the eye. Avoid blending the colour too far up above the hollow of the eye, as this can make the eyes look smaller.

3. Finish with eyeliner by drawing the line thinner on the inner corner that gradually gets thicker as it approaches the outer corner of the eye.

When using pencil eyeliner, sharpen it first but dull the sharpened edge slightly before applying it directly to the eye. Using the pencil, start with the inner corner first, as the sharpened edge will allow more precision.

When using liquid liner, usually too much product comes out on the applicator brush. Versus the pencil method, start applying liquid liner at the outer corner of the lid to deposit some of that excess product…or if you prefer to start from the inner corner, swipe the liquid liner brush a couple of times against a tissue to rid it of any excess. Remember the less product on the brush, the more control you have. Once the make-up is applied, it’s much easier and less messy to add layers rather than remove them! A little goes a long way…

The subtle smoky eye pictured on Christine can work well for a daytime wedding – just be sure to blend well and avoid using black eyeshadow.

Lastly, to add some drama for the evening reception, line the bottom lashline with your eyeliner. Va-va-vooom!

Photos by Claudia Hung

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