NOTE | and learning as I go…

In an attempt to simplify my site’s look and better cater to my target audiences, I’ve launched a new site to house my online ‘creative’ portfolio. will feature my fashion, beauty and editorial work.

I opted to have the site powered by Dripbook, as I loved the clean design options and ease of navigation offered through Dripbook. What’s even better is that I don’t have to know a thing about programming languages because Dripbook does it all for me. I can easily change the look of my site by clicking a few options here and there via the user-friendly interface (pretty much just as easy as editing an online album!). If you’re in a creative trade and in the market for pre-designed sites (because like me, you only fare so well with technical languages), definitely check out Dripbook and Viewbook to showcase your work and spare you the stress :)

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