PRODUCT REVIEW | Make-up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer

Searching for an awesome concealer is pretty much the equivalent to finding the holy grail of beauty for me. Blame it on my own dark undereye circles, but trying out every decently reviewed concealer can be pretty much deemed a bad addiction….I mean, how many concealers does one need?! (Fortunately, I have the excuse of “I’m buying it for the kit”…riiiight.)

Developed for compatibility with the unforgiving scrutiny of High Definition lenses, Make-up Forever’s HD Invisible Concealer easily blends and doesn’t settle into fine lines. You only need a minimal amount (like we’re talking a tiny dot here) for a layer of opaque coverage. It works beautifully to conceal redness and (even my) dark undereye circles!! With a selection of 13 shades to choose from, it’s easy to find a colour (or a mix of colours) that matches your own skin tone.

My only gripe with the product is the packaging that takes a little bit of practice to get used to. You have to wind up the bottom to shoot the product out through the nib of the tube, but you sometimes end up twisting too much and losing some valuable product (the stuff’s not cheap after all – 0.05 oz for approximately $35 CAD). Once the concealer is exposed to air, it loses a bit of its creamy consistency and becomes tougher to blend, particularly in delicate areas like under the eye. Moral of the story: be careful how many times you twist the bottom for product, as some drier product may be preventing it from coming up the tube properly. Squeeze the dispensing nib between your index finger and thumb to help ease the product out. Try to squeeze and empty the nib after each use so you can use fresh product the next time.

My favourites are 315 and 340 for their colour correcting properties. I have seeerious underye circles – so that calls for the heavy duty works – a shade of orange or a really dark peach. I use 340 (a bright orangey-peach) mixed with a tiny bit of 315 (a light pink) to counteract the dark undereye circles. I blend the skin tone matching 350 atop to help it disappear into the rest of my skin.

MUFE’s HD Invisible Concealer has quickly graduated to the top of my favourites list. You’ll find me using these in both my personal kit and my client kit. Thanks to MUFE’s brilliant concealer, the quest for the perfect concealer has been satisfied…for now… :)

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