NOTE | more learning as I go…

Here’s a little anecdote that I’m sure one day I’ll look back and laugh at.

This past summer when I ordered my ‘book’ (a hardcover portfolio to hold my printed photos), I initially requested one that had 50 pages (so, 50 pages back and front = 100 potential spots for my prints). The gentleman at House of Portfolios was kind enough to point out to me that the industry standard is about 25…so that’s more like 50 of your best images within your book. Well, duh me. I was probably being overly ambitious and obviously naive. When I thought about it more, I considered that at the end of the day, a busy client wouldn’t want to view 100 pictures of my work. The ‘best’ pics should be enough to indicate whether or not my work suits a client’s needs. Yup, learning as I go…

It’s been just over a year since I first started building my commercial and fashion portfolio and it’s amazing to see the development from those early pictures with the first few photographers I began to network with…here’s one of my first few pics:
Fast forward to present day and a more recent shoot with Nadia below, the best part is I’m still learning as I go…and growing each step of the way. With all the developments this past year, I definitely can’t wait to see what another year will bring. :)

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