PRODUCT REVIEW | MAC’s Style Black Collection

One thing that I love about fall is how dramatic make-up always makes a comeback. Whether it be in the form of smoky eyes or dark lips, I’m always one to support a little heavy-handedness. :)

Enter MAC’s Style Black line – another limited edition collection in the tradition of MAC releases (in other words, get it before it’s gone!). The collection features a selection of black-inspired shades for eyes, nails and even lips. Goth make-up has never been so chic!


MAC Gilt by Association and Blue Flame Mineralize eyeshadows

I finally had the time to thoroughly test run a few of the items I had picked up earlier this month, and my favourites quickly emerged. Hands down, my top item from this collection is Gilt by Association Mineralize eyeshadow. The multi-dimensional blackened shade has flecks of gold and bronze that make it a universally flattering choice for all skin tones, and a particularly gorgeous colour for those with green eyes.

It’s a perfect option to do an evening smoky eye with – the multi-dimensional aspect spares you from having to buy a palette of different shades and from having to blend to your heart’s content. Simply apply any of the Style Black Mineralize eyeshadows and smudge with your black eyeliner for a dramatic effect.

Bonus: The eyeshadows work beautifully when applied both wet and dry. When applied dry, the black hues of the shade tend to stand out more. Add a bit of water (or an eyeliner transforming product) and the intensity of the shimmer really pops.

Here are some pics of how the eyeshadow appears on the lids (haven’t done one of these in a while!):

MAC Blue Flame

MAC Gilt by Association (my fave from this collection!)

My only regret? …is not picking up the eyeshadow in Cinderfella! …and now it’s sold out! They don’t lie when they call it limited edition!


MAC Midnight Media Lipstick, Blackware Gloss, Black Knight Lipstick

Ok, so the products for lips from the Style Black collection are not exactly practical nor wearable for the everyday woman. I picked up a few of the lip items anyway, as a good quality black lipstick isn’t the easiest product to find! The nice thing about this collection was that it had choices for getting black coloured lips in a variety of textures! I scooped up Midnight Media Mattene Lipstick, Blackware Gloss and Black Knight Lipstick. Of the three, Midnight Media is the most opaque while Black Knight glides on more sheer (think more like a black stain). Again, no practical use for everyday client appointments but these products will work amazingly well for photoshoots….and of course, Hallowe’en!

ARTIST TIP: The trick with doing any kind of dark colour is to make sure your lips are smooth. Dark colours are unforgiving (see pic at left) and cling to any imperfection on the lips. My bottom lip was dry and you can see how the lip colour can really make the dry texture stand out. Make sure to exfoliate the lips and apply lip balm (especially during these colder months). Before applying the dark shade, pat your lips with concealer to act as a base and barrier for the application…a little concealer on the lips will help to prevent the dark shade you’ve applied from seeping into the tiny lines in and around the lips.

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