KIT ESSENTIAL | Quo False Eyelashes

Anyone who has worked with me has probably noticed the prominence of these little pink packages in my make-up kit. I absolutely love Quo lashes for their quality and affordability (around $7 regular price, and $5 when on sale!)! Quo has a wide range of natural to dramatic false eyelash styles to choose from. The below three are my particular favourites for bridal clients or an everyday natural look.

#800 Eyelashes

#800 is a full, lush lash and the longest of the three in this post. These falsies are ideal for ladies with thin, sparse eyelashes or for those who want to add major volume. Here are a pair of #800’s in action:

#801 Eyelashes

#801 lashes are the most natural looking of the bunch. Clients who don’t want to look “too done” love these falsies, and clients with smaller-shaped eyes prefer these for a natural look. Below are the #801’s in action:
#803 Eyelashes

#803 is a personal favourite of mine – when I like to step up my own make-up, I usually reach for these. #803 is a good cross between #800 and #801 – it still gives good length, without being too full that they look like like you’re wearing falsies! The end result just looks like you’re wearing a really good mascara…and that secret’s fine by us :)

Bat those lashes away!


  • October 27, 2009

    face splash makeup

    Great POst!! Where can you purchase these falsies? I mostly use Ardell for my bridal clients.

  • October 28, 2009

    Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist

    hey face splash! i failed to mention that these eyelashes are available on this side of the border only (someone correct me if i'm wrong)…through the canadian equivalent of rexall – shoppers drug mart. Sorry! I'll try to find something comparable…right now I'm liking Revlon's falsies, and these seem to be limited in selection and availability in Canada, but moreso available throughout the States…go figure! Stay tuned…I'll do a post on it shortly :)

    Thanks for the comment! :)

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