BEAUTY 101 | make-up, keeping it sanitary.

With cold/flu season upon us and all the talk about H1N1 vaccines and prevention, it’s important to remember that hygienic practices should extend to all other aspects of our routine – yes, even our beauty routine. :)

For your own regime, it takes a little more effort but once you start taking care of your products and application tools, the pay-off goes a long way. For your own personal routine, you should:

1. Wash your brushes regularly. Wash your brushes ideally everyday, but realistically every week. Spray with a 99% alcohol to get rid and prevent bacteria build-up.

2. Do not blow on (or use spit with) your brushes or application tools. For instance when intensifying your eyeliner, use water, rather than using your own saliva (yes, I know it happens people!). When applying false eyelashes, wave the glue on those lashes in a fanning motion to encourage the eyelash glue to get tacky.

3. Replace products appropriately.
Follow recommended instructions on product packaging, and discard sooner if the product smells funky, looks funny or gives you an irritation (well, duh!)

Make-up artists also have a responsibility to always practice hygienic methods during their applications. In addition to the points above, a make-up artist with good hygiene practices should be:
1. sanitizing hands with alcohol between each client

2. using clean brushes or disposables (i.e. sponges, mascara wands)

3. avoiding cross-contimination i.e. no double-dipping! Once that product applicator (i.e. think of a lip gloss) touches your lips, it shouldn’t go back into its container unless thoroughly cleaned (or the make-up artist plans on giving you that product for free)!

4. using only sanitized hands to apply products to your face (or does not touch your face at all, opting to use brushes and sponges to apply all products)!

Staying sanitary with make-up = staying healthy…and that’s always staying beautiful in my book!


  • October 27, 2009


    really useful post! thanks for the awesome tips!

  • October 28, 2009

    Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist

    thanks for the comment, Jen! my pleasure!

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