RHIA ON TWP | Skin Prep Tips for the Big Day

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It may be wintertime and wedding ‘off-season’, but if you’re planning for your Big Day next year, now is the time to get a jumpstart on your skin care and beauty routine! Try these tips to get your skin Big Day ready:

Think and live healthy.
Drink more water, get as much rest as possible, eat well (limit your intake of high-sugar foods, caffeine and alcohol) and be more active.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Some breakouts are stress-related. Remember to ask your bridal party for help when planning your wedding – they’re your support group!

Follow a daily skin care routine.
Wash and moisturize your face 2 times daily – once when you wake up, and then again before you go to sleep. Make sure to thoroughly remove the day’s make-up before you sleep and exfoliate no more than two times per week. If you’re trying a new skin care routine, start it at least 6 months in advance of your wedding day to ensure your skin has time to adjust. Meet with a dermatologist or skin care consultant if you’re unsure how to get your routine started.

Everyone’s skin tends to feel dry and tight in the winter – so opt for a richer moisturizer for the face (i.e. add a night cream or a serum to your routine). Avoid taking long hot showers/baths as these can actually dry out the skin, reducing the production of the body’s natural oils.

Something old, something new…
The wedding day or even the week leading up to the wedding is not the time to experiment with a new product or a completely different hairstyle, etc. Your skin needs time to adjust to a new product and cut hair won’t grow back overnight!

Facials, Waxing and Threading.

Depending on your skin sensitivity, have your last facial at least 1-2 weeks before the Big Day. Facials lead to temporary bumps and redness that may or may not subside before your wedding day. Go for any waxings at least 3 days before the Big Day to make sure your skin has time to heal.

Remember, great wedding make-up always starts with a great base, so take care of your skin now and you’ll have less to worry about as you near the Big Day!

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