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Here’s a bit more on the mascaras I recommended in my response (click on the photos below to enlarge).

Brushes that Lengthen:
A thin mascara wand (like that of Maybelline Lash Stiletto or Lancome Definicils) works to lengthen lashes and help make even those tiny hairs in the corners of the eyes stand out! I love Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto for the overall finish it gives the lashes and for its affordable pricepoint (under $10 when on sale!).

When it comes to the splurge option, I was first hooked on Definicils the first time I tried it in a Lancome gift with purchase. I love the long, separated lash look that Definicils leaves (it ain’t award-winning for nothing!), but I can’t rationalize spending the $30 on it! I’d rather go for the deal in this instance! :)

Brushes that build volume:
A plush and full bristled brush like those of the Loreal Voluminous and Dior’s Diorshow mascaras (pictured below) to add volume to your eyelashes. L’oreal’s Voluminous has been a staple in my personal kit since the day I discovered the power of mascara. Usually after trying something new, I always revert back to this old faithful because it doesn’t disappoint!

Dior’s Diorshow is a mascara I’ve bought a few times – even at the splurge price of approximately $30! I love the big, bold lashes you get with Diorshow. Even though I wouldn’t spend the extra dollars on Definicils above, when I’m in the mood to treat myself, I definitely splurge on Diorshow. Guilty as charged!

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