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With the dry and cold winter upon us, lately my mane seems to have a mind of its own! The extreme dryness in the air often leads to the odd morning where my hair mimics that of a kid at the Science Centre, discovering first-hand the wonders of static electricity. Cool back then, but definitely not pretty when you have 30 minutes to tame the hair (and still get the rest of the body ready) for work, right?

I know, I know – my dehydrated locks can partially be blamed on my inner blow-out hairdrying enthusiast, and I’ll admit I am rather heat styling dependent! But usually there’s not enough time to let my hair air or towel dry! grrr.

Enter my beloved Moroccan Oil.

I first heard of Moroccan Oil through my pal and talented hairstylist Fabio (who is responsible for a bulk of the gorgeous hairstyling you see in my portfolio). They sell Moroccan Oil at the salon where Fabio works, and he has been an adamant supporter of the product from the day I met him …and with good reason!

I use a generous drop (somewhere between the size of a dime and a quarter) and I smooth in into the hair before just before the usual morning blow-out. I keep the application towards the mid-shaft and downwards, as I don’t want the roots to get too greasy and weighed down later in the day (once those natural oils kick in).

What I love about Morrocan oil is how it brings life back to my overly heat processed hair. It leaves an instant shine and soft texture, without being greasy nor looking like a kid at the Science Centre. Frizz be gone! Apparently, Moroccan oil also reduces hair drying time (…but I’ll have to pay more attention to that during the morning-get-ready-frenzy!)

The main ingredient in Moroccan Oil is argan oil, which comes from the fruit of argan trees that grow almost exclusively in southwest Morrocco. Other ingredients in the product are silicones that help to restore that smooth and silky feel to the hair…again, all without feeling greasy!

Moroccan Oil retails for approximately $40 for a 100 mL bottle…but really can you put a price on a product that makes dry, damaged hair look like salon hair?! This one’s a definite essential for both the personal and client kits!

Image courtesy of Moroccan Oil

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