PRODUCT REVIEW | CoverFx BritePrep Fx

I first came across CoverFx BritePrep while doing wedding make-up for the mom of a bride-to-be. The mom had beautiful skin for a mature (50 years old+) lady, but also had slight hyperpigmentation that was of concern to her, especially since she felt it had recently become darker and more noticeable. She asked me to use CoverFX Brite Prep that she had in her own make-up bag, as she said it was the “only” thing she’s tried over the years that has helped to brighten the hyperpigmentation.

BritePrep Fx has a serum-like consistency that quickly absorbs into the skin, without being greasy or oily. What I love about the primer is its shimmer appeal – it leaves the skin with a radiant glow that isn’t too sparkly. I love using it for clients that need a pick-up from dull, sallow skin (and whose skin doesn’t need a little pick-up during the cold winter?) The shimmer finish also works well to brighten dark circles under the eyes – just apply BritePrep Fx first and then finish with your usual undereye concealer.

BritePrep Fx also does the usual helping foundation to glide on and look better, but it doesn’t extend the wear of my foundation any longer than other quality primers I’ve tried. (I typically still have to powder at my 4-hr check-in to look ‘fresh’ and non-shiny again). The primer boasts advanced anti-aging properties plus an SPF 50. From my own experience, the high SPF does not reflect white with flash photography (making the skin tone appear lighter on the face) as many foundations with SPF do. Mind you, I have yet to try the primer on darker skin tones than on my own (…and just to be safe, I would ask for a sample before fully investing in the product!)

Speaking of price, here we come to the product’s main downfall for me -a 30 mL tube of BritePrep Fx retails for approximately $40! In all honesty, the hefty price would likely prevent me from purchasing it again for the personal vs. client kit. Yet given the testimonial of my client and how it worked for her hyperpigmentation along with it’s multiple uses (priming, anti-aging and SPF!), BritePrep Fx may prove worth it for some.

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