Meet lovely bride-to-be Amelia!! It’s always so nice to finally meet a bride-to-be after all our email and phone interactions…. and many times you can get a good sense of the person you’re interacting with via the way they write. Just like I thought from her emails, Amelia is an absolute sweetheart!! Leading up to our trial, I honestly hadn’t laughed so hard in a long while that my sides actually hurt afterwards! lol! I know dolling this beauty up is going to be a relaxed and girly good time…and that’s exactly how it should be on your Big Day! :)

Hair was done by the amazing hairstylist Suzie Choi! Suzie is such a sweetheart and an obvious talent at what she does. (Now if only some of her amazing skills would magically transfer to me via osmosis!) Be sure to join her fan page on Facebook to receive regular updates on her gorgeous work. I’m very excited to be working with Suzie numerous times this year, so you’ll also be able to see some of her stuff here on artistrhi!

Be sure to also check out Amelia’s engagement photos courtesy of talented photographer, Geehae Jeong. Just like I’ll be working with Suzie frequently this year, Geehae will be the photographer for several weddings I’m doing make-up for! Geehae was also the talent behind capturing Hye-Rim’s wedding (where Suzie did hair and I did the make-up!). Needless to say I’m excited to work with such a talented team once again!

So much to look forward to…thank you!

Amelia – have fun in Napa Valley! riiiiight. ;)

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