Meet one of my gorgeous 2010 brides, Shemara. Look at the surface area on those lids – I could seriously play make-up all day on eyes like that!

Shemara’s Big Day look is all about classy drama – to get her look, try these key products:

1. MAC Paint – an artistrhi kit essential, I use MAC Paints as a base for eyeshadow and as an amplifier for when I want to kick up the intensity of a powder eyeshadow. Just smooth on a MAC Paint that closely resembles your natural skin tone, layer your powder eyeshadow atop and watch the colours pop!

2. Yaby eyeshadows – another kit essential. Yaby eyeshadows glide on smooth and are packed with pigment. Yaby is well-known for their efficient (and well, genius!) packaging – the travel-size friendly palettes always makes sure I have a variety of colours at my fingertips. Absolutely love.

3. L’oreal Liquid liner – a classic. Tried and tested, this is my daily go-to liner – I apply it at 6AM in the morning and it stays in tact until when I remove it before I sleep (and that’s usually midnight on a good night!). I use this on my clients when they’re after a bold and dramatic look like Shemara’s attention-grabbing eyes above.

4. Quo false eyelashes – a dramatic eye make-up look always look better (and more ‘professional) with a set of falsies. I used a lash set with more volume than usual on Shemara to enhance her natural lash line that was already quite full. (I know…lucky girl, right!).

I’m looking forward to Shemara’s Big Day (actually maybe I should say wedding weekend!) in June. I’ll be doing her make-up for her mehndi ceremony and for her wedding day later in the weekend. I’m quite excited about it….I’ve always been intrigued by the diverse traditions of other cultures that someone will have to keep me focused on doing the make-up!!

Stay tuned for more from this beautiful bride-to-be! :)

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