Here are my favourite shots of gorgeous bride Jenna as we get her ready for her Big Day! Can’t believe it’s already been two weeks that she’s been married (yes, I’m a little behind in posts, but hopefully I can have a productive couple of days with the weekend and Monday being a holiday!)


Jenna – candid and glowing

Jenna has great skin as it is, but I love how the pic above shows her glow (with a little help from MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle). Flat, dull skin is passé for today’s modern bride (thank goodness!). Just make sure you’re shining in the right places – the temples, areas above the cheekbones and atop the browbone are all ok, but the T-zone should still be shine-free!! See this oldie-but-goodie post for more tips.

…and here’s a sweet little e-note from Jenna that made my day (well, 7 days ago…but still makes my day whenever i re-read it. My brides are the best.)!!

Congratulations, Jenna!! Thank you for a wonderful time and all the best! xo

To see more of Jenna’s behind the scenes, check out artistrhi weddings!

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