PRODUCT REVIEW | CoverFX EyePrep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer

CoverFx EyePrepFx Anti-Age Smoothing Primer…try saying that fives times fast!  Now a name like that begets a lot of expectations, but how does EyePrepFx fare?

One hot night this past summer, CoverFx hosted a blogger launch for the latest addition in their arsenal of quality products for the face – CoverFX EyePrep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer.

How to use it:
Pump a tiny amount onto the back of your hand.  (TIP:  press the pump dispenser halfway rather than fully down so as not to release too much product).  Apply gently to the eye area using your ring finger (least amount of pressure) and a light dabbing motion.

What it promises:
– smoothes and primes skin without the use of silicone, an ingredient common to most ‘primers’
– can be used as a primer for both eyeshadow AND concealer
– can reduce the appearance of dark circles (gimme!!)
– can firm and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye when used over time
– friendly for sensitive and mature skin

What it delivers (well, my experience…):
I love how EyePrep FX is multi-purpose – that’s part of the cosmeceutical genius behind CoverFx products.  EyePrep FX works well as a base for eyeshadow, primer for concealer and serum for the eye area.  When applied, the area around my eyes feels hydrated and cool (thanks to the cucumber extract) and later in the day, my undereye concealer never looks cakey because of EyePrep FX’s smoothing and hydrating properties.  I’ve been using EyePrep FX for a couple of months, but (unfortunately) the jury’s still out as to whether there’s a noticeable difference with reducing my undereye circles and smoothing out any lines. (Of course, it would probably help to get more sleep….)

The one small drawback is that I find EyePrep FX a bit more ‘wet’ than what I’m used to, taking longer to dry than my usual go-to primer.  For that reason, when doing my make-up in a rush, I’d be more inclined to grab a different primer that dries quickly.

The price of $43CAD for a tube of EyePrep FX definitely isn’t cheap (usually you can get a primer product twice the volume for a similar price), but the multi-purpose benefits do set EyePrep FX apart from other typical primers and eyeshadow bases.  Go see for yourself!

Welcome to my journal and journey as a make-up and hair artist with all the beautiful people and products I encounter along the way.

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