PRODUCT REVIEW | Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

There are some essentials that I wouldn’t leave the house without…for instance, my wallet, my keys AND a couple of coats of a great mascara!  Right on the heels of my kit essential Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto, comes Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Falsies.  The Falsies mascara came out in early 2010, and we took a while to get acquainted…but boy am I ever glad that we finally did!!!  The pic below right with just one coat of the Falsies shows exactly why:

Hello instant drama.

False eyelash effect, you say?  Yes, gimme that at ANY time of the day!
The Falsies uses a patented spoon-shaped brush for application.  More flat than a typical curved brush (see left), the spoon-shaped brush hugs the curve of the lashes, coats even the tiniest of hairs and helps to ‘fan’ the lashes outwards for a full-on false lash effect.  The keratin-enriched mascara formula also does double-duty, as it thickens AND lengthen the lashes giving the lashes that much-coveted intense false-lash look…. ♥!!  Clump-free, no flaking…I cannot say enough good things about the Falsies.  As you can see in the pic above, it works beautifully for my own length-challenged downward-growing lashes (and the pic above is just with one coat)!  Needless to say, the Falsies is my current go-to mascara.  :)

I’ve been using the waterproof version, and you’ll need a good eye make-up remover to fully remove this mascara.  Yes, I can speak from experience, as I’ve been guilty of falling asleep with my make-up on (I’m kinda a repeat offender), and when I wake up the morning after, my Falsies mascara is still intact + intense on the lashes…and my lashes are usually still holding their curl!  (In fact, I’d almost be presentable–curled, darkened lashes et al–if not for the seeerious case of racoon eyes I also usually wake up with! See, all in the name of make-up science!)

Kudos to Maybelline for consistently delivering quality mascaras and for doing so at a fraction of the cost of popular department store mascaras.  For less than $1o for the tube, a false lash look is easily achieved with the Falsies mascara….and all without the fuss + stress + inevitable-gluey-mess of having to apply falsies yourself!  …and now really, you can’t put a price on sparing yourself the stress of that!  The Falsies = big lashes = big love.  Artistrhi approved!

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